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Our Professional DJ Services


Our professional wedding DJ services are strategically planned around your expectations. We realize your wedding day is one of the most anticipated and memorable days of your life, and Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment is committed to making it unforgettable.


Graduating from High School or College is a special milestone in a persons life. We say goodbye and close one chapter, while at the same time opening another embarking on a new journey in life. These are bitter sweet moments. At Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment, we want to create memories that will celebrate this transition and last a lifetime. 

Night Club

Every nightclub needs a great DJ. At Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment we understand that keeping your customers entertained is critical to the overall success of your business. We focus on creating a fun and exciting atmosphere, so your customers have a place they can hang out with their friends, sing & dance, meet other singles or couples.


For better or worse who doesn't love karaoke! You could be showcasing a talent or just goofing off with your friends. Either way, its all about having a great time. Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment boasts a digital library of nearly 10,000 professional HD karaoke tracks. Unlike CD's (which wear out) , digital tracks maintain quality and always look and sound great. Long gone are the days of skipping CD's and jumbled lyrics. 


Anniversaries are a big deal... There is nothing more sentimental than a trip down memory lane to commemorate the beautiful life you have together. Whether its been one, five, ten, twenty, twenty five years or fifty plus, anniversaries are a great reason to celebrate! Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment will enhance your celebration and keep you and your guest entertained all night. 


Birthdays are a special time where we celebrate life. Whether you are celebrating a sweet-16, coming of age, your big 21, or even if you are over the hill. Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment will be there to make your event special.


We know how important your corporate event is for your business. Fun and distinctive corporate entertainment has long-term positive results for both employees and clients. The great time experienced by all will help build closer relationships and employees and clients are likely to reward you with increased productivity and sales. We provide our experience and insight to help your company create a win-win situation.


Go out with a bang! You worked hard your entire life and you deserve to commemorate your accomplishments. What a great excuse for you to spend time your family, friends and colleagues. Retirement is often regarded as the end, Fast Lane DJ & Entertainment believes that retirement is actually just the beginning. You have a whole new life ahead of you. Lets celebrate!

Drive-In Experience

We are re-creating the drive-in movie experience and combining it with our professional DJ service, and we are bringing it all to you!